Pedro García Sáez

Architect and photographer / Photographer and architect. Heart  divided. His passion for both runs parallel and transversely, living in a continuous learning process. 

Cofounder of "Lógicas Locales: Architecture and Cooperation", working mainly as a photographer, with whom he has developed various exhibitions.

Collaborator of the magazine "Derivasia: Travellers thoughts", project born after a 3 months trip around Southeast Asia.

In love with the world, and fan of changes, he´s been living in Spain, USA, Austria, South Corea, and Bolivia, where he´s currently teaching architecture and photography.


  • Finalist/Nominated for the 27 MML Photo Contest. Memorial Maria Luisa International Photo Contest. 2017
  • Áccesit in the "Foto Nikon 2015" Contest. Work: Blizzard en Pirineos.
  • First Prize in the "IV Environmental Photography Contest" about Architecture. FGUMA, 2015. Work: Paisajes Encontrados.
  • First Prize in the "II Skimetraje Photo Contest" about Pyrennes, 2015.  Work: Blizzard en Pirineos.
  • Finalist in the 3rd "Cáceres de Foto" Contest, Asociación Fotográfica de Extremadura, Spain, 2015. Work: Paisajes Encontrados.
  • Finalist in the Photography Projects Contest "Educant la Mirada". Platja d´Aro, Barcelona, 2015. Work: Paris (10 photos project).
  • Finalist in the Fomunity Photography contest "Medios de Transporte". Work: Viaje a las nubes.
  • Finalist in the International Portrait Photography Contest "Shoot the People #STP14". Photocertamen, 2014. Work: Portrait during a train journey in Java, Indonesia.
  • Honorable Mention in the International Architecture Photography Contest "Shoot the Architecture #STA13".  Photocertamen, 2013. Work: Paisajes Encontrados.


  • CarreteStreet #001 Photographic Magazine. 2018. ISSN 2605-1826.
  • El País, Newspaper. Biographical Article. Section: Culture. Bolivia. 10.07.2016
  • National Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year Contest 2016. Selected as one of the editors´ favorite submissions to the contest. 
  • National Geographic Photo Contest 2015. Selected as one of the editors´ favorite submissions to the contest. Gallery: Places. 2016
  • Nikon España. Foto Nikon 2015 Book, compiling all the awarded works from the year. 2016
  • Photocertamen Anual Book, compiling all the awarded works in their photography competitions during the year 2013. Work: "Paisajes Encontrados". Honorable Mention in the international photography contest "Shoot the Architecture #13" 
  • Landscape Photography Magazine  Nº49. (p.73). Photography: Pyrenees, 2013.
  • Derivasia Magazine Nº1 "Identidad"2014.


  • "Paisaje Cultural y Patrimonio Arquitectónico del Valle de Cinti, Bolivia". Commissioned by the german architect Mechtild Kaiser, 2015.
  • "Cinco Miradas Cruzadas en el Valle del Mgoun, Alto Atlas, Marruecos" | "Five Gazes meet in the M´goun Valley" - Lógicas Locales.             Summary compiled in the workshops held in the M´goun Valley (High Atlas, Morocco) in 2011 and 2012.                                                                   AECID - Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation.  ISBN: 978-84-616-3410-1.  

Teaching / Workshops:

  • Photography in Social Communication. Course of one semester, Social Communication and Journalism Career. UCB, Tarija, Bolivia. 2017
  • Workshop "Fotografía y Arquitectura. Un mirada crítica de la arquitectura a través de la fotografía" | "Photography and Architecture. A critical view of architecture through photography". Universidad Católica Boliviana "San Pablo", Tarija, Bolivia. 23-24 September 2015. 


  • "Instantes Viajeros" Exhibition organized by Derivasia Magazine in Microteatro, Málaga. October 2015.
  • IV Contest "Fotografía Medioambiental" FGUMA. Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Málaga, 2015. [Cover for the V edition ]
  • "Five Gazes meet in the M´goun Valley" | "Cinco Miradas Cruzadas en el Valle del Mgoun, Alto Atlas, Marruecos" - Lógicas Locales -Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Granada, 2015 | Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Sevilla, 2015 | Universitat Politècnica de València UPV, Valencia, 2014 | CEHM Centro de Estudios Hispano-Marroquí, Málaga, 2014 | Facultad de Estudios Sociales y del Trabajo, Málaga, 2013 | Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Málaga, 2012.
  • Photocertamen Exhibitions: "Fotografía Andaluza Contemporánea" of Container-Art in Sevilla, 2014-15   Exhibition of the winners of Photocertamen contests, in Can Basté, Barcelona2013. | Exhibition of the winners of Photocertamen contests, in Palacio de los Verdugo, Ávila, 2013.
  • RESET: "Reinventar el resto".  Emerging Art Exhibition.  Sala Fundación Cruzcampo, Málaga, 2013.
  • "Tradition and Modernity in the High Atlas of Morocco, a gender issue?" | "Tradición y Modernidad en el Alto Atlas de Marruecos, ¿una cuestión de género?" - Lógicas Locales. Gerencia de Urbanismo, Málaga2012